About Us

Bvs Labs is a biopharmaceutical company that was first established in 2016 and subsequently refurbished as GMP certified in 2020. We produce high-quality pharmacological products, namely performance-enhancing drugs, which are in high demand in sports.

All our manufacturing facilities are located in India. More than 70 professionals chemists, medical workers, engineers, and mechanics  work in our laboratories, using new modern equipment. We regularly invest in research, introduce innovative technologies in manufacture and at the same time rely on the many years of experience of our predecessors, which allows us to achieve consistently high-quality products.

Goals and look to the future

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of people who prefer an active lifestyle, desire to reach their high physical potential and enjoy life to the fullest.And we do it by producing safe and high-quality products which make people’s lives better.

Today, production volumes are already increasing, which makes it possible to expand sales markets. Therefore, our goals for the future are to declare ourselves as an international company with great growth prospects, which implements high-quality performance-enhancing drugs and provides the best service.

What’s new?

By harnessing new-generation mass spectrometry analysis, we can augment our purity assessments by enhancing sensitivity and adding a new dimension of measurement. Without question, our LC/MS-MS approach offers better quality assurance and control than conventional HPLC-UV alone. This is especially crucial for analysis of medicine, many of which exist as diastereomeric mixtures. Quantitative resolution of these mixtures demands highly sensitive instrumentation, such as our triple-quadrupole spectrometer.

Purity assessment with LC/MS involves:

  • Sample purity via measurement of peak area percentage of the target component.
  • Target component identity confirmation with MS using isotope pattern, molecular ion, and adduct ions.
  • Peak purity confirmation using 3D UV and MS data.

Method development, data acquisition/processing and report generation are performed using fully-licensed, comprehensive chromatography system software in order to comply with regulatory data integrity requirements.

We are open for cooperation

We are ambitious manufacturers selling pharmaceutical products worldwide. We are glad to cooperate with new wholesale companies and are ready to offer favorable conditions.

Benefits of partnership with Bvs Labs.

  • We are manufacturers with our own manufacturing base, laboratory and quality control department.
  • We produce high-quality medicine, pure peptides and steroids to increase performance.
  • All products are in stock in our warehouses.
  • We offer favorable prices to regular customers.
  • We provide a personal manager who accompanies you throughout the purchase.
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